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Google to Launch Online Android Tablet Store & Nexus Tablet Range

Google have revealed that they are planning to open an Android Tablet store online which will also be used to market and sell a Google branded tablet.

The idea is that the online store will sell Android based tablets like Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 and also feature Google’s own tablets created in partnership with other tech companies like Asus, Samsung and the soon to be acquired Motorola (pending approval in China).

The aim of course, to outsell Apple’s new iPad.

Google to Dethrone the iPad?

A report in the Wall Street Journal stated:

“Like the Nexus One, some future Android tablets are expected to be co-branded with Google’s name. The company is expected to sell devices from a variety of manufacturers. Google won’t make the devices and its existing partners such as Samsung Electronics and Asus”

And at the tail end of last year, Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt told Italian Newspaper Corriere della Serra:

“In the next six months, we plan to market a tablet of the highest quality.”

But will it be enough to dethrone the new iPad as king of the tablets? Apple have reported record breaking sales (more that 3 million units in the first weekend!) of their new tablet even though compaints and lawsuits are rife.

Latest figures show that 70% of all tablets sold are iPads so Google definitely have their work cut out.

Current leaked information suggests that Google will release a small ‘entertainment’ tablet, probably with a 7″ screen in the first half of 2012. The tablet is likely to cost somewhere in the sub £150 range and would be a direct competitor to Amazon’s Kindle Fire.

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