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Google + Reaches 25 Million Users

Joining the ranks of Facebook and Twitter, technology giants Google have taken on the social media sphere with Google +.

Already proving to be a big hit, Google + has already managed to acquire almost 25 million users within the space of a month. This represents a decimation of previous records set by rivals, with Facebook taking nearly 3 years to reach that milestone.

However, this amount of people seems to have already been too much for the new site as those who have already been invited are told to ‘try again soon’ as they’ve ‘temporarily exceeded [their] capacity.’

With no brands or advertising as of yet, the website will have to work it’s magic on the world by proving that it can offer more than Twitter and Facebook.

Offering a new take on social networking, the website has features such as Circles which is a way of sorting your friends and acquaintances into various groups.

You can share different things with different people, but make sure that the boss doesn’t’ see the “I’ve taken a sickie” status updates and your folks aren’t subjected to incriminating photographs of you.

Then there’s the ‘hangouts’ feature where people within your circle can see that your chatting to someone else within that circle and casually drop in the conversation for a face-to-face chat ( in the online sense of course).

The ‘Spark’ feature allows you to set up a news feed of your interests and ‘huddle’ allows group chats to take place on smartphones.

In a feverish bid to keep bang on trend, millions of people have been signing up to the ‘new’ Facebook.

It’s definitely the word on everyone’s lips at the moment, yet it is still early days! Google+ has only been live in its field trial since 30th June. It’s hot right now, but how long will it last?