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Google Nexus 7 tablet – How successful will it be?

Unveiled by Google at its annual I/O conference at the end of last month, the Nexus 7 tablet has now gone on sale in the US.

After an initial launch stateside, the low-cost tablet from one of the biggest players in the tech world is due for release in the UK and Europe later this month.

The launch of this affordable but impressive seven-inch tablet effectively sounds the bell for Round 1 of the low-cost tablet fight that is set to dominate the rest of the year.

The Amazon Kindle Fire has had the low-end gap in the tablet market pretty much all to itself so far, but that is about the change with the Nexus 7 and the expected release of the iPad Mini.

It is going to be hard-fought contest for all contenders, as every device has its merits. So how will the Nexus 7 fare?

Solid start for Google Nexus 7

The device was only unleashed into the US market on Friday, but initial sales reports will be music to Google’s ears.

Reports have been coming in claiming that several retail chains have been running out of Nexus 7 tablets already, with some even saying they ran out on the day of release.

It’s a promising start to the campaign, as the US tech market is a notoriously crowded one. Google’s reputation and pull means that it would certainly have expected decent sales, but the tech giant surely can’t have hoped for much more.

Will Google Nexus 7 success continue?

Of course, it’s very early days for this exciting tablet, but the future certainly looks bright. It should fare rather well in the UK at least, as the Kindle Fire is yet to make an appearance over here.

We Brits love a bargain, so the Nexus 7 is likely to fly off the shelves even faster than in the US. So Google doesn’t have much to worry about, until the iPad Mini is released that is!

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