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Google Focuses on Online Safety in New Public Information Campaign

Google has launched a new campaign, offering advice and information about online safety.

The “Good to Know” campaign, will attempt to increase consumer awareness around online safety issues. With a number of threats being posed over the internet the campaign aims to help consumers stay safe whilst online, getting the most from internet services.

The campaign, which is being launched today, will be advertised across a number of mediums with internet advertisements featuring amongst physical posters which will be displayed in newspapers and on public transport. The prevalence of Google’s advertising for the campaign shows their dedication to the scheme and their intention to reach as wide an audience as possible.

“Good to Know” how to keep safe online

The “Good to Know” campaign will focus on a number of different areas to advocate internet safety. As internet sites and systems are constantly changing, retaining internet privacy is often a crucial issue. Online safety advice will therefore be provided alongside information on crucial subjects, such as what data is shared by users whilst connected to the web.

Information on tools which can help offer internet protection will also be provided, helping consumers to identify and tackle online risks.

Step-by-step guides

The campaign website,, will offer step-by-step help on how customers can address these security risks. The site will also enable them to make more informed decisions with regards to the security measures they take and how they use the internet.

Child protection online

Secure passwords and child protection will be just two of the topics focused on, helping to protect internet users of all demographics. A number of parents worry about the keeping children safe online, making this topic a key focus. The information will be written in clear language and accompanied by practical examples, making it accessible to all types of computer user.