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Google Chrome for Android – what you need to know

Chrome, Google’s incredibly popular web browser, has finally pulled its finger out and is now available on Android devices.

It’s a wonder it has taken so long, given that Chrome has proven a very successful venture for the internet search giant.

And seeing as Android is also a Google incarnation, we’re not quite sure why Google has waited for so long before bringing the two together.

But the wait is over, and we now have Chrome on Android smartphones and tablets. It’s only a beta version at the moment, but looks impressive.

Chrome has carved out a place for itself in the browser market as a real alternative to Internet Explorer, and is on course to overtake Microsoft’s browser at some point. But does it work on mobile devices?

Google Chrome just for ICS

The first thing to bear in mind is that, at the moment, Chrome is only available on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. This is a bit cheeky of Google, and cuts out a huge swathe of Android users.

But if you do have ICS, either on your smartphone or tablet, then congratulations – you can get Chrome on the go.

Supreme syncing on Google Chrome

These days, the tech world is all sync, sync, sync. And it’s no different with Chrome. But Google has really outdone itself on this front.

If you use Chrome on your desktop, not only will all your bookmarks be immediately available on your mobile, but your open tabs will be there too. How cool is that? You’ll also get auto-complete on your phone based on your desktop history.

Ease of use

One of the reasons desktop Chrome is so popular is that is easy to use, and it’s quick. And Google has done a great job in condensing those features down to smartphone size.

You can open unlimited tabs, each one loading impressively quickly, and flick through them with the swish of a finger.