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Ghost Recon: Future Soldier – what you need to know

The Ghost Recon franchise, a series of tactical shooting games developed by Red Storm Entertainment, has experienced high levels of success since its introduction.

With a collection of titles behind its name and plenty of other accolades, the series is only expected to continue to perform well – but what do you need to know about the games?

With two of the series’ titles hitting headlines recently, it is no surprise that the public’s attention is being drawn towards these popular games.

First released in 2001, the Ghost Recon series has spawned a further twelve incarnations with another, Ghost Recon: Final Mission, rumoured for release on PS Vita sometime in the future.

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

Of the games currently in existence, Ghost Recon: Future Soldier has topped the games chart, usurping Max Payne 3 from pole position.

Having featured in the list of best games trailers for 2012, Ghost Recon: Future Soldier was always expected to perform well once released. This expectation has certainly become a reality, with the latest Ghost Recon game offering plenty of attractive features for gamers.

Ghost Recon – Action packed

The general premise of the game is as expected, with storyline and plot neglected in favour of varied content and plenty of special features. There are four distinct regions in which the action occurs, packing plenty of diversity into a small fourteen-campaign game.

The viewing angle offers a third person perspective but this features at a fairly up-close range, making the game feel more akin to a first person shooter. Special features include innovative camouflage gear, as well as an innovative viewing angle known as Synch Shot.

This enables those playing as part of a team to organise and complete a co-ordinated kill, whereby up to four targets can be painted.

As expected in a game from Tom Clancy, the gadgets and weapons available to users are plentiful and there is more than enough innovation to keep players entertained.

Ghost Recon – final verdict

While a lot of thought has clearly been given to the weapons and gadgets available in the game, it seems that not quite as much effort was put into the graphics. Weapons and foreground items boast impressive clarity but landscapes and backgrounds have been described as flat and lack-lustre.

However, the game shouldn’t be judged on its looks alone and the aforementioned features are clearly enough to push it into the top position on the games charts.

Other than the graphics, an underdeveloped multi-player mode is the only criticism making this game a strong contender in the current games market.