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Getting clothes dirty will always be more fun than getting them clean

That’s why Zanussi offers a range of washing machines and washer dryers that can help you get great results, with less time and effort.

With our intelligent Jetsystem wash technology you don’t have to wait for full loads anymore so you can wash what you want when you want.

Our EasyIron programme, for instance, does just what it says and makes ironing easier; while our large capacity 6kg washing machines make it easier to do your washing in one go.

Zanussi laundry appliances are loaded with a host of features which deliver best in class wash performance and frees up your time to do all the fun things that you love doing.

Sit back, relax and let Zanussi take the strain out of the laundry.

Zanussi Laundry

  Jetsystem – saves energy and water


The Jetsystem wash technology directs water straight into the heart of the laundry and automatically adjusts the amount of water and energy used based on the amount of clothes put in – saving you money!

Zanussi Laundry

  The Jetsystem+


With Jetsystem+ wash technology, water is directed straight into the heart of the laundry to ensure rapid soaking, resulting in less wear and tear of clothes. It automatically adjusts the amount of water, time and energy used based on the amount of clothes put in – saving you both time and money!

Zanussi Laundry



Our 6kg washer range comes with a new Flexidose option which gives you the flexibility to either use powder or liquid detergent in the same detergent compartment to get that perfect wash result. No need to dispense liquid detergents differently.

Zanussi Laundry

  Inverter motor


The powerful brushless motor is not only designed to be silent and more durable but can also drive large loads at higher speeds for a longer time giving a powerful wash performance in shorter wash times.

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