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Getting back to business… top Blackberry trends for 2012

With the wave of new Androids bursting into the market over the past year, it is easy to forget about little old Blackberry.

Despite criticism over its clunky design and often complicated operating system, the original serious smartphone is still hugely popular.

So what does Blackberry have in store for us in 2012? Here is our pick of the top Blackberry tech trends to watch out for next year.

Blackberry Milan

We’ve managed to get a sneak peak at the next generation BB10 – the Blackberry Milan. A leak of a picture on the web has sent the tech world into overdrive.

Looking much like the Blackberry Torch 9810, and featuring the same slide-out QWERTY keyboard, the Blackberry Milan has not been given a release date as yet.

But if the rumours are to be believed, it will have a high quality display with more pixel density than the iPhone 4’s retina display.

Getting back to business?

It was once the reserve of serious, busy businessmen doing so much business that they need access to their email all day long. But the Blackberry has moved into the commercial market and won over a lot of hearts and minds.

But could it be looking to get back to its business roots with the update of the conferencing app? Currently only available in North America, the updated conferencing app is due to come to Europe in early 2012.

The app has been improved to make conference calling easier. For example, users can turn any email thread into a conference call at the touch of a button. The app also makes it easier to join conference calls, with the simple-to-use ‘join now’ function.

More Blackberry themes

Being a grown-up smartphone, Blackberry has been light on the themes for years now. But as more and more little girls get addicted to BBM-ing, Blackberry is finally giving users some choice.

Theme developer Magmic has launched a range of cool new themes for the Blackberry 7, with plenty more expected in 2012.