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Get Yourself Ready for New Year’s Eve Celebrations

For some NYE is all about partying harder than the rest of the year while for others the last night of the past 12 months means little more than just curling up in front of a warm fire with the telly on and a cup of tea or maybe a glass of bubbly on offer.

But whatever you like to do on December 31, here’s our guide to a few
products that might help make 2012′s arrival a little bit easier on the mind and body…

> Baumatic BW18BL 18 Bottle Black Wine Cabinet

If you’re throwing a house party, wine fridges aren’t as
expensive as you might think. If you have the space and friends of a thirsty persuasion,
they’re an interesting addition to a kitchen, cellar or garage. Behind black
glass, this can hold 18 bottles of vino at a temperature between 10-18 degrees
C. Quiet as a mouse too and ideal for that celebratory bubbly.

> Hostess HW01MA One Bottle Chiller

If you don’t want to go as far as a wine fridge, but want to
make sure your bottle of champers is ice cold for midnight, this might help. It can
cool your wine to three different temperatures, and is apparently suitable for
white, red and champagne (though why anyone would want to chill a red is beyond


> Sonos Wireless Music Players

Whether it’s for a mad multi-room house party, or just to
blast out some tunes as you get ready for a night out, a Sonos system lets you
control your tunes wirelessly turning each room into a separate zone with its own tracks on the digital turntable. You can use your smartphone, iPad, iPhone, computer or a special Sonos Controller to choose the songs and you can stream a host of internet music services through it such as Spotify and


> Stir EK0697 Curry Cooker

If you’re staying in alone, or perhaps with a loved one,
this might help make the night still feel a bit different. This curry cooker comes
with four separate pots so you can make several different dishes all at once.
There’s 1500W of power and an non-stick hot plate to keep your Naan breads

> Russell Hobbs 1483 Steam Generator Iron

Nobody like ironing, but you can’t go out on the biggest
night of the year looking like a crinkle cut crisp. Steam generator irons give
you that extra blast of steam which will allow even the most uncaring of
ironers to get the job done quick, fast, and successfully.

> Proline Mini Fridge

The problem with entertaining is there’s never enough room
in the fridge – and on New Year’s Eve, chances are you’ve still got a load of
Christmas Day leftovers clogging up space. A mini fridge that you just wheel out
on special occasions can solve this problem and won’t ruin your wallet.

> Babyliss 7436RGU Speed Series Clipper Set

This clipper grooming set apparently includes
“everything you need to achieve a professional cut from home”.
Although we wouldn’t recommend re-styling yourself before a big night out unless
you really know what you’re doing, this is handy for the fella who wants a
quick touch up to make sure his hair’s looking perfect before partying. Handy
for girls too, what with this sudden trend for undercuts.

> Hostess Cordon 392BR Side Server

Hostess trolleys are more than a bit 1980s, but if you’re
throwing a rather civilised party for friends, you might still want something
to keep your food warm and tasty. This has three Pyrex glass dishes, a
special heated compartment, and is pretty compact, so it won’t look too embarrassing
when empty.