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Get to Know Your Digital Camera

A new monochrome laser printer from Samsung combines easy to use features with a cool, compact and environmentally friendly design.

According to research, 74 percent of us want to take lots of photos over the festive period but many are under using their digital cameras because they find them too confusing, and this is considerably more than other technologies.

Over a third of Brits admitted to under using their new state-of-the-art camera with 24 percent admitting to feeling worried about hitting a button and not understanding the produced display, Samsung revealed.

A further 13 percent say they even hand their own camera over to someone else to take the shots as they find it just too confusing.

“Technology has really leapt forward in the last few years – perhaps in photography more than in any other area of electronics,” said Damien Demolder, Ameteur Photographer magazine editor.

“Consumers need cameras that are easy-to-use but which also have the functionality and capability to make taking photos an easy, and fun, experience!”

The research also showed 27 percent of respondents did not capture the festivities as much as they had liked in the past, with 10 percent even admitting to accidently deleting some priceless shots.

Women in particular were shown to rate the ease of use of a camera higher when purchasing a new one, with 69 percent of women saying so compared to 54 percent of men.

Samsung Cameras

Although the nation is confused with new camera technology only 13 percent in the survey said they would purposely buy a basic camera with limited functionality, indicating a market for high technology specifications is still present.

Samsung creates a range of cameras designed with varying capabilities and expense.

Digital cameras range from the Samsung ES67-Silver10MP Digital camera with 10.2 megapixels, a 2.5 inch LCD screen and 5X optical zoom, to the Samsung ST 10014MP Digital Camera with 14.2 megapixels, 5x optimal zoom, digital image stabilisation and AV out connection.