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Get ready for Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Link is back! He’s strapped on his boots and donned his green tunic for the latest release in one of Nintendo’s most popular franchises – The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

Nintendo will be hoping that Skyward Sword, released on Friday 18th November, will reignite interest in the Wii and the Zelda series.

While the Zelda series has certainly produced some epic games, and is regarded by many as the greatest game franchise of all time, recent attempts to bring the adventure to the Nintendo DS and 3DS have proved less successful.

Best Zelda since Ocarina of Time?

With Ocarina of Time aside, which had Zelda fans captivated, the series’ other outings on to the hand-held console have left gamers unsatisfied.

Editions such as Link’s Awakening, Spirit Tracks, and Phantom Hourglass all fell into the same trappings of older Zelda games – some repetitive game play, boring travel sequences, and limited maps.

And then there’s the Wii. Remember when it first came out five years ago? The gaming world held its breath in anticipation of realistic motion-sensor sword fights and shoot ‘em ups. Five years down the line, we could be getting the game we waited for.

Nintendo at its best

The Wii Motion Plus add-on makes for much more realistic and accurate controls. You’ll feel like you’re actually having a sword-fight, rather than just swiping randomly.

Skyward Sword is Nintendo at its best. The graphics are superb, giving Link’s world a completely new feel and really bringing the franchise up to date. Set years before the Hyrule we all know and love, Skyward Sword sees Link and Zelda on more equal terms than previous games. When Zelda is sucked into a tornado, it is up to Link to save the day.

While Skyward Sword inevitably makes some of the same mistakes as previous Zelda games, the story telling is once again fantastic and Nintendo have created a beautiful world to explore.