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Get busy with the fizzy all over again

Sodastream Black Jet Drinks Maker

Rating: ★★★★☆

As a child of the eighties, SodaStream holds a place in my heart somewhere between the ‘A’ Team and Findus crispy pancakes. I still remember the sound as I pumped the gas in to my syrupy water like a little fizzy ceremony every Saturday round my Nan’s house, so I felt a strange mix of nostalgia and trepidation unpacking the new SodaStream Pure – would I be revisiting an old friend or should I leave my childhood in the past? It turns out I shouldn’t have worried.

The “Pure”, a mid-range model in the new SodaStream line up is a really attractive piece of kit. Brushed metal, high build quality and a clean attractive design means it doesn’t look out of place in a grown-up kitchen. The designers have obviously taken cues from some rather classy coffee makers, neatly sidestepping the kitsch trap such a retro product could easily have fallen in to.

The machine is simple to use and maintain. SodaStream have made it truly enjoyable to make your own drinks, pumping the gas with a sturdy and attractive beer tap style lever. The loud fizz when you pull the lever is satisfying in ways I honestly can’t explain, the only downside is the occasional overspill when disconnecting the bottle.

SodaStream have taken a really interesting “green” approach with this re-launch. As well as being cost effective to make your own drinks, they’re promoting the environmental benefits of not hauling two litre bottles of fizz around the planet. They’ve even got a rather good gas canister recycling incentive.

But what about the drinks themselves? I tried the taste sampler pack which lets you try 12 different flavours for under a tenner and all the flavours are, perhaps surprisingly, rather  tasty. The tonic and lemon & lime flavours are particular favourites of mine – I honestly prefer them to the big brands, which I hadn’t expected.


  • Tasty flavours
  • Attractive, classy design
  • Surprisingly fun to use


  • Occasionally a bit messy
  • Hard to escape the slightly naff reputation
  • Flavours and gas canisters generally need to be ordered online


I hadn’t expected to like the new SodaStream drinks makers. I assumed that, like Mr Frosty, I’d have outgrown it in the twenty years since I last used one. Turns out I was wrong and the SodaStream Pure has earned its place in my kitchen.

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