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George Foreman Grill

George Foreman 14054

Rating: ★★★½☆

George Foreman Grills are notoriously easy to use, versatile and cook meals in a short space of time due to the fact you are grilling from both the top and bottom grill plates simultaneously. Unwanted fat and grease is channelled away from the food and into the drip tray provided, thus creating much tastier and healthier meals.

The 7 Portion Entertaining Grill has a large 774 (cm2) grilling surface and powerful 1850 watts making it ideal for large families or entertaining guests. The extended handle allows for ease of use and the non stick grill plates make cleaning up easier. The floating hinge enables you to cook really thick portions of food evenly.

On first impressions on removing the grill from it’s outer packaging, the design of the George Foreman seems quite sleek and lightweight. However, on closer inspection, the build quality appears a little flimsy and not overly sturdy. It didn’t sit squarely upon the counter top so it wobbled slightly. Also, it’s has a surprisngly “plasticy” handle was as well.

The surface area to cook on is pleasantly large, making it ideal for cooking large potions of food. However, the length of the power cable is quite short. This meant I was unable to position it anywhere near my extractor fan to allow the steam to escape during the cooking process.

The actual grilling functionality produced great results and I was able to cook my extra large gammon steaks in under ten minutes, whilst all the fat was channelled away from the meat. The gammon steaks were very tender with extremely pleasing flavours.

Even though the plates have a non stick coating, I found it harder than I thought to clean the grill after I finished cooking, with juices from the steaks being baked onto the surface. The tool provided to remove this did help with the cleaning process but it was a lot more time consuming than I was expecting.


  • healthier
  • channels fat away from food


  • short power lead
  • flimsy build
  • not overly easy to clean


Overall, I found the cooking capabilities very good but was slightly disappointed with the final build quality of the product.

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