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Geared up for learning

Once the kids go back to school or university, it’s only a matter of time before their two most dreaded words become a reality: homework and revision. Essays and assignments, exams and coursework… whatever it’s labelled as, it’s all work and it has to be done.

Gone are the days when the essential homework and revision kit consisted of a few pens and a ruler. Although parents would like to think it doesn’t happen, a huge amount of essays and revision notes are often left to the last possible minute – so it’s good to give the kids fast and reliable equipment for when it comes to crunch time.

PCs and Laptops

A PC or a laptop is invaluable for children with exams coming up at school or uni, and is perfect for writing essays and other pieces of coursework. Connect your PC or laptop to the internet and it also becomes a great research tool.

To take the stress out of buying a PC or laptop, explore websites such as PluggedIn, and take advice from retailers in-store or on the phone. There will be no need to worry about fiddly keyboards or too-short battery life with the help of those in-the-know, who will be able to tell you all about the features, wireless connectivity, ease of use and versatility.


For the perfect presentation of assignments and homework – or even a revision timetable – a printer is also a must. Again, seek advice on different models to find out which ones suit your family’s needs best. What you print and how much you’ll be printing will determine which type of printer you need.

If you can find out information about print quality, print speed and durability, you’ll soon become knowledgeable on which brands will give you high quality printouts at good speeds every time. There are also different features available on different models, such as scanning, copying, wireless connectivity, double-sided printing and photo printing, so have a think about your budget and what you can get for your money.

Security Software

To protect your children’s work, it’s essential to invest in some security software. The latest products will protect their PC or laptop against viruses, spyware and spam to help them surf safely without causing any damage to their computer or files. Again, there are loads of different brands, so take the time to figure out which is the right one for you.

Backup Software

Finally, to ensure there are no tears, ‘backup’ is the word to remember. An online backup software package is a great idea and gives peace of mind in the event of a file being lost. Let’s face it, most of us have misplaced or accidentally deleted something that we still need, so if that happens, this will be your saviour.

So, now the kids are armed with all the technology they will need to sail through their academic year, there’s just one more essential thing: their parents nagging them to actually do their homework, essays, coursework, revision, assignments…