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Garmin Nuvi 2545LMT 5″ Sat Nav Review

Garmin Nuvi 2545LMT

Rating: ★★★★★

If its a first time purchase for a Satellite Navigation System, or you’re replacing an older model, then the Garmin Nuvi 2545LMT is certainly worth a closer look. It comes complete with FREE lifetime traffic and map updates, advanced lane guidance and so much more.


When it comes to design, the Garmin Nuvi 2545 really does tick all the boxes. With it’s large 5″ touchscreen and photoReal junction view, you really are provided with a crystal clear picture, as well as incredibly clear instructions. Whats more, with its dual orientation facility, you can even set the super slim unit up in either portrait or landscape mode, whichever you prefer.


The Nuvi 2545 comes with voice-activation technology, which means you can fully control your navigation system with your voice so you can concentrate on your driving. You can even wake up the device with a pre recorded voice command and use your voice to navigate through the menu options. You also have the benefit of a touchscreen interface which you can use when you’re stationary.

It comes complete with FREE lifetime traffic updates from 3D Traffic, an extensive traffic avoidance system, which means you can avoid all those horrid traffic jams and always get to your destination in good time. Added to this is FREE lifetime map updates, so you always have the most up-to-date maps, places of interest and navigation information at your fingertips without the worry of having to fork out hard earned cash every time you want an update.

Not only is the picture quality crystal clear, but the sound is very good too. It provides you with clear directions and even informs you of street names too, which I have to say, worked surprisingly well.

As previously mentioned, this model has photoReal junction view, so you don’t have to guess which lane to be in when your junction approaches, but you need to bear in mind that this option is only available in certain metropolitan areas. The split screen facility is a really neat feature and displays realistic views of your route as well as detailed roads signs to guide you on your way.

Furthermore, the Nuvi 2545LMT features a microSD card slot so you can store maps or download custom voices.

Where am I?

An important feature worth mentioning is the “Where Am I?” emergency locator. This provides your exact latitude and longitude coordinates, the nearest address and junctions, the closest hospitals and police stations, while the Enhanced Exit Services feature tells you what services you’re approaching on the motorway. A great option to have with you on the go.

If you decide to take a different route from the one suggested, the system re-routes and works out the quickest journey extremely quickly and I was pleasantly surprised at how the unit retained a strong signal pretty much the whole time I used it. I was also pleased to discover that this model came complete with a speed limit indicator so I never got caught out doing the wrong speed.

Looking closer at some of the additional built in features, you’ll find an option called Garmin Garage Vehicles which allows you to download car shaped icons to your device. There is also a Picture viewer for watching back some of your favourite photos and an Audio book player feature too.

If you are using this device abroad, you’ll find the world clock, currency and unit converter and the calculator tools invaluable too. Plus, you are not restricted to just using this in your car. If you want to discover a new environment by foot, then the Nuvi 2545 will assist you with its Enhanced pedestrian navigation tool as well!

One feature I really like about this model is the dashboard option that includes a trip computer and shows trends of your driving.

Battery life lasted surprisingly well and recharged in no time at all after use.


  • Large clear display
  • Portrait or landscape mode
  • Voice activation technology
  • FREE lifetime traffic updates
  • FREE lifetime map updates
  • PhotoReal junction view
  • Split screen facility


  • None


The nüvi 2545LMT is a sophistaced sat nav device with an extra-wide 5” display. The lifetime map updates and traffic alerts along with the advanced built in features make this Garmin Nuvi 2545 model a top contender amongst other satellite navigation systems on the market in my opinion.

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