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Garage Band – it’s for girls too!

Garage Band

Rating: ★★★★★

…..and thats as technical as I’m getting!

Oh come on! You’re not interested in all that are you? You want to be able to switch on, press record and play it back….for now anyway!

So you’ve got it installed (I am NOT telling you had to do that!) on your Apple product of choice….Mac, iPhone, whatever. Then you just select it from the desktop, pick up, sit or stand at, the instrument you’re using, make sure its plugged in and press record. Then play/sing/make farm animal noises – whatever you want! When you’re done, press stop and play it back. Not happy? Delete it then….and go again til it’s right, then select another instrument or vocals. Easy innit?

My experience only involves vocals and my acoustic guitar. I was shown the basics very, very briefly. However, whilst recording I started playing around with it and was very excited (I’m easily excitable :D ) about how easy it was to work out more features for myself. I added backing vocals, a drum beat, keyboards….really quickly…and I had never used any recording software before to do this myself.

Other useful features include a tuner for your guitar and a metronome so you can add drums in later if you record to a ‘click track’. I’m still playing around with it just for fun if nothing else.

I think its a great application to start with and a great bridge to using something more complex such as Pro Tools or Cubase. Also, if you have a Mac, Garage Band comes pre-installed. For the iPhone and the iPad, you only have to buy it once and can use it on both.

Just so you can see the potential once you get going….this guy in the video really knows what he’s doing!


  • Clear and simple images to select basic instruments
  • Useful tools like tuner, metronome, click track option
  • Good way to get comfortable with recording without too much technical expertise required


  • Limited for more professional use (so I hear)


Love it! Provides the opportunity to record and have something to show for it as quick as you like!