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Gaming the UK’s Biggest Entertainment Industry

For those of you who have always liked to switch on the console rather than the DVD player of an evening, the latest figures suggest you’re not alone.

Research has revealed that gaming has overtaken video to become the biggest entertainment category in the country.

Figures published by the Entertainment Retailers’ Association have revealed that, last year, it was gaming that came out on top in the entertainment stakes.

The gaming industry made sales totalling 1.93 billion last year, easily surpassing DVD and other video format sales – which came to £1.8 billion.

The gaming industry also beat the music industry hands down. Music sales pulled in 1.7 billion over the course of last year.

“This is a dramatic time for the entertainment market. It is an historic development for the games sector to have overtaken video last year”

said Kim Bayley, Director General of ERA.

“Video has long been the biggest entertainment sector. Sales so far this year, however, suggest video is not going down without a fight.”

So far this year, gaming has failed to equal last year’s success. In the first 11 weeks of 2012, video sales have been worth more than double that of gaming.

Last year, it wasn’t physical console games that drove the boom in the industry but digital downloads and apps – showing how much the landscape of gaming is changing.

“Online and mobile are doing very well, and this reflects the huge investment, much of it by retailers, in producing new products and services”

continued Bayley.

“Physical formats still account for the vast majority of entertainment sales – 80% of albums are still sold on CD – but lack of investment and innovation in physical product means it is increasingly under pressure.”

It may have been a shaky start to 2012 for gaming. But upcoming games like GTA 5, as well as exciting new consoles like the Nintendo Wii U should get it back on track. And that’s not mention the Xbox 720!