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Galaxy S3: already Samsung’s most popular smartphone?

Expected to sell as many as 10 million units by the end of next month, Samsung’s Galaxy S3 is proving to be a worthy competitor to Apple’s iPhone, but does this mean it is already the manufacturer’s most popular smartphone to date?

Only launched at the end of the last month, the release of the S3 has been anything but smooth. With delayed shipments caused by a shortage of components and parts, some American customers were left with empty pockets as suppliers were unable to stock the 32GB model following the release.

Supply and demand

Naturally, the shortage of handsets so soon after release caused widespread excitement within the mobile community, elevating the status of this sought-after handset. In terms of the chain of supply and demand, the Head of Samsung’s Mobile Division, JK Shin, explained:

“We’re getting far better reviews on S3 than we did with its predecessors globally [...] and supply simply can’t meet soaring demand.”

This means the new Galaxy smartphone has already attained an element of exclusivity which is not unlike that offered by Apple products – emphasising the model’s rivalry with Apple’s top-selling iPhone.

Samsung versus Apple

As the main rival to the iPhone, the Galaxy S3 was always expected to perform strongly. The first Galaxy smartphone was launched two years ago and attained impressive sales figures from the outset.

Before the creation of this popular model series, Samsung had a less than 10% share in the global smartphone market. Its most recent figures (from the first quarter of this year) put this market share at an impressive 30.6% – higher than Apple’s moderate 24.1%.

Naturally, Samsung attribute some of this success to the popularity of its smartphones, which sold more than 44 million units in the first three months of this year alone. The Galaxy S range is responsible for a large portion of this popularity and has given the company high hopes for Q2 figures this year – which it expects to exceed those from Q1.

Expecting a total of 10 million Galaxy S3 units to be sold by the end of July, it is clear that Samsung has a lot of faith in its latest smartphone – but what do you think?

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