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Funky Accessories for iPhone, iPod and iPad from The Snugg

Snugg Slim Bluetooth Keyboard, Olloclip 3-in-1 Lens, Anti-radiation Case, Power Li-ion Charger

Rating: ★★★★½

The lovely people at The Snugg have kindly allowed us to review some of their nifty accessories for mobile devices. They are geared towards enhancing the overall capabilities of our iPads, iPhones, iPods, tablets and other mobile devices.

So how did they fair up?

Bluetooth Keyboard for the Ipad, iPhone & iPod

The on-screen keyboard in iOS does a pretty efficient job for small amounts of typing, such as text messages and very short emails, but if like me, you are used to touch-typing long documents and emails on a full blown keyboard, you might be more inclined to go for a lightweight bluetooth keyboard.

Snugg’s version of the wireless keyboard for the iPad is slim, modern and doubles as a protective front cover.

The groove where you place the iPad is  positioned so it’s perfectly angled for easing viewing. The keys are a little on the small side (and I have small fingers), so I often found myself pressing the wrong keys when typing blind. In particular, I found the space bar sits a little too close to the edge, so I frequently hit the board instead of the bar. The keys, however, are pleasant to touch and provide immediate response onscreen.

Even if you are not a touch typist, the keyboard is great for writing small text messages, doing instant chats or sending brief emails, where the time it takes compared with the touchscreen option is noticeably faster.

As well as actually typing, you can manipulate your text more quickly with shortcut commands such as copying and pasting.

As expected, using a Bluetooth keyboard, you immediately have more freedom to use it not only with the iPad but also with other devices such as the iPhone and iPod too. Ideal for the train, office or on the sofa at home!

One thing I would point out is that you will probably want to ensure you have a protective back sticker on the iPad to prevent it from scratches when you slide it in and out of the keyboard during and after use.

Pairing is so easy. Simply turn the power on the keyboard, press “connect” to switch on Bluetooth and make sure your device is in search mode for Bluetooth connectivity. Select the keyboard once the device finds it and you are connected!

When you don’t use if for more than 15 minutes, the keyboard enters sleep mode to save the battery. To activate it from this mode, simply press any key and wait a few seconds and it reconnects.

I was also pleasantly surprised to discover that the keyboard is water-proof although not sure when I’d be taking advantage of this feature?

The built in battery is rechargeable and lasts for an impressive 55 hours before requiring it’s next charge!

Olloclip 3-in-1 photo lens

I’m a professional photographer, so naturally I was intrigued to discover what the Olloclip could offer in the way of enhancing the iPhone’s camera capabilities. But for those of you who don’t know what the Olloclip is, it is a 3-in1 lens for your iPhone, a wide-angle, fisheye, and a macro lens.

The well thought out design enables the Olloclip to easily slip over the corner of your phone where the camera is positioned and off you go! It has a lens on both sides, one offering a fisheye lens and on the other, the wide-angle lens. The Macro lens sits cleverly behind the wide-angle lens and is accessed by unscrewing the wide angle lens until it comes off.

To switch between the lenses, you simply pull the Olloclip off, turn it around, and place it back on, so you can instantly change your field of view.

The Olloclip’s fisheye lens does not fill the entire frame and does shows some black around the outer edge of the image and I would probably only use this for “arty-type” shots or having fun with, rather than more serious photography.

  • Fisheye lens image above

Olloclip’s wide-angle lens expands the native viewing angle by 2 times, which means you have a 14mm DOF with the iPhone 4 and approximately 18mm DOF with the iPhone 4s.   This works well, especially when photographing indoors where you want to fit a large part of the room in the frame, or when you want to shoot a large group of people.

  • Wide-angle lens shots above

The macro lens provides 10x macro shots which enables you to easily photograph extremely small things and get in very close to your subject (with a steady hand).

This is by far my favourite lens. I never imagined it would be possible to get such amazingly detailed macro shots with the iPhone until now. I got incredible results when shooting flowers, capturing exquisite colours and details within the petals and buds. This particular lens does an awesome job!

  • Macro lens shots above

Even though the Olloclip is super lightweight, the build quality is very reassuring and all three lenses perform brilliantly in my opinion.

The entire unit comes complete with a luxurious drawstring microfiber bag and plastic lens caps to protect both ends of the lenses.

Now, if Olloclip could include a telephoto lens to take amazing portraits with, I’d be a very happy girl!

Snugg’s Safecase Anti Radiation Case for iPhone 4/4S

I have to admit, I’m not normally one for concerning myself with what phones are capable of doing to my brain cells, especially after having had two children, but I was intrigued by what this sleek little case could offer.

Not only does it feel robust, look sleek and stylish as well as ultra protective for my iPhone, Snugg’s Anti Radiation Premium Case claims to reduce mobile phone radiation (SAR) by up to 92% and Hot Spot Radiation (EFI) by up to 90%.

What does this mean to us users? Well, this neat and lightweight case reduces the amount of powerful radiation that is emitted from our phones when they send and receive signals within a wireless network and keeps them away from our precious heads! Plus, it offers the phone some pretty impressive protection as well.

The black shiny rim around the edge does a great job of protecting the phone and it’s buttons and the matt finish on the back of the cover gives it a more upmarket finish.

Whats even more important is that it doesn’t affect the overall performance of the phone in any way at all.

The good people at Snugg also throw in front and back screen protectors and a cloth to clean the phone with too!

All in all a big thumbs up from me!

Snugg Power

If you want a compact, ultra lightweight and more importantly, a long lasting battery backup support for your compatible devices, then I highly recommend you get your hands on The Snugg Power Portable Battery.

Once fully charged via a microUSB cable (included), this nifty little juice box will ensure your devices stay powered and ready to use at all times. To set up, simply plug into your device and it will recharge the battery in super sonic time. You’ll never have to worry about finding a power source on your travels again!

The Snugg Power claims to fully charge an iPhone over 1.5 times. It’s so lightweight and small, you can keep it in your trouser pocket, jacket or handbag!

The Snugg Power will work with any device that has a USB charging wire, so this covers all of your iPod’s, iPhone’s, iPad’s, Blackberry’s and many more Smart Phones and Tablet computers too.

I’m amazed I ever managed without one before!

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A fantastic range of creative and productive accessories that enhance enjoyment and productivity for mobile devices.

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