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Full frame Canon Eos 5D digital SLR review

Canon EOS 5D Mark II

Rating: ★★★★★

The Canon Eos 5D mark2 has slowly become the industry standard for wedding photographers.

The features of the mark2 model lend them selves perfectly to shooting weddings. The quality the full frame 21.1 mega pixel CMOS sensor gives is second to none. It allows you to crop pictures while maintaining image quality.

The ability to shoot in low light due to 25600 ISO expansion comes in really handy when shooting in dark churches and flash isnt allowed. It has 15 point autofocus allowing you to focus any where in the frame and the magnesium body means the camera is robust enough to handle a hectic wedding day. The camera has really helped take my photography to the next level.

This really is a pro piece of kit and it is does it job brilliantly. Although the cost of the body is near £1800.oo it is actually reasonable when you compare the price against other full frame SLR’s. the Eos 1DS mark4 comes in at nearly £4000.oo. The cost of full frame SLR’s is high due to the cost to manufacturer the sensor but in my opinion they are worth every penny

In terms of every day use the camera is really simple to use. the menus are easy to navigate, the 3 inch high res screen allows you to check your photos quickly. The jog dial on the back allows to scroll through pictures really quickly. The option to shoot a combination of RAW and Jpeg files is incredibly useful.

The choice of lenses and accessories is broad. and the image quality easily matches the quality of the much more expensive 1D mark 2


  • iso range
  • range of lenses
  • RAW and Jpeg shooting
  • focus points


  • Cost of lenses
  • No dual card slots


This camera was first released in December 2008 and there are many great reasons why it is still top of its game 2 years later.

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