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From computers to theme parks: the growth of Apple

With their first computer being put up for auction and the first Angry Birds theme park officially open for business, we take a look at the growth of Apple and how one brand managed to revolutionise the world of technology.

The first Apple computer

For those familiar with Macbooks and Apple computers, the first model will look shockingly different. A recent report which details how this innovative model – the Apple 1 – is going up for auction shows how the original computer was vastly different from the classic white products we are accustomed to now.

Hand built by co-founders Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in a business venture which was funded from their own pockets; this ground-breaking computer went on sale in 1976 for over $650 and boasted a pre-assembled motherboard – something which had not been seen in the world of commercial computing until then.

Expectations are high for the auctioning of this innovative device, branded with the serial number 22, after another Apple 1 sold for over £130,000 just two years ago.

Further development

Following the innovation of this device, Apple continued to produce numerous personal electronics which transformed the way we approach technology. With the anticipated Apple iTV still the talk of the town, the iPhone currently in its fifth incarnation and iPads and iPods dominating other areas of the market, the significance of the brand cannot be denied.

In fact, the company is often claimed to be one of, if not the, most widely recognised technology brand in the world. Total sales for the company last year totalled $128 billion and the number of iOS devices sold since 2008 (when it was first launched) almost equals the number of worldwide car sales across all manufacturers for the same year– with respective sales figures of 200 million and 213 million.

More than electronics

Not content with cornering the electronics market, Apple have taken their influence into various other fields. Responding to the craze which continues to surround their popular Angry Birds game, the first Angry Birds theme park has been opened in the UK – targeting a whole new audience.

With such developments having already been witnessed over a relatively short period of just a few decades, this leaves only one question on the minds of techies: what’s next?

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