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Fridges Get the iPad Treatment

iPad fans will simply love the new Electrolux Infinity I-Kitchen fridge, featuring a touch screen interface to help you plan your kitchen life.

The Electrolux Infinity I-Kitchen refrigerator, launched in Brazil recently, has a touch screen on the top door. Through the touchscreen panel, you can access PC programs like Notes, Calendar and Telephone Information. And when not in use the display can be set as a portrait to show digital photos on a rotating slide show.

Electrolux boast that the product also includes applications that offer tips to facilitate a ‘user’s life, promote well-being and contribute to the preservation of the environment.’

A big boast for a fridge, but it does have some pretty nifty smart controls that tech fans will love.

One such application offers access to more than 600 sophisticated recipes published in cooperation with a famous Brazilian magazine. The menu is divided into seven different groups, ranging from entrées and main dishes up to light menus and cocktails, offering flexibility to plan meals.

Another great innovation is the Express Space smart control, which can be used in the Drink or Gourmet Express modes, allowing for the cooling of drinks and desserts at a quicker rate than normal, while the icemaker continuously produces ice without the need for a hydraulic connection.

While the I-Kitchen Refrigerator is currently only available in Brazil, there are a number of great fridges available in the UK to meet your household needs.

Cool Fridge Freezers

If you need, or simply want a big fridge freezer to impress dinner guests an attractive option could be the SAMSUNG RSG5DURS1/XEU. It’s a great looking American style fridge freezer that is specially designed to hold over 100 litres more internal space than a standard side by side fridge freezer, while not taking up any additional external space.