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Freeview personal video recorders (PVR)

Humax PVR9150T Freeview+ Recorder

Rating: ★★★★★

Have used this for the last 12 months and extremely happy with it – but my advice to anyone buying a PVR is:

  1. Go for a twin-tuner – an abolute must if you have a non-freeview TV, as this enables you to watch one channel while recording another, or watching a recorded programme while recording something else (essential when you need to watch Top Gear but wife/girlfriend/partner needs to watch Emmerdale (or vice versa) – or indeed if you want to record two channels simultaneously.
  2. Get the biggest hard drive you can afford – our first PVR (also a Humax but a single tuner – now in the bedroom) was 80Gb, and while 40 hours of TV sounds a lot, but when you want to record a whole series to watch later, or the kids won’t delete those Christmas films, then it doesn’t go too far – so aim for 160Gb minimum.

When you do get it:

  1. Take time to manage your recorded programmes on the hard drive, as you will fill the disc quickly, particularly if you have set several series to record. The PVR9150T is great for this, you can display your recorded programmes sorted by date or title, You can then tag them and delete them all in one go.
  2. Don’t bother customising the channel list – channel numbers change so often on Freeview that all your work will be wasted in no time.

More cool features

  1. Series record – this is quite a common feature on PVR’s these days, and will record the series no matter what day or time subsequent episodes are on.
  2. If there is a conflict, ie, you have set too many things to record at the same time, then it will prompt you to sort it out.
  3. Edit function for recorded programmes – quite handy if you’ve a recording you intend to keep, this facility enables you to delete sections of a recording, such as the commercial breaks, but is a bit time consuming.


  • Twin tuner
  • 160Gb hard drive


  • No HDMI output


A great piece of kit, which is very reliable and easy to use.

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