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Freaky Tech Thursday

Wondering Eye

Puffersphere + Microsoft Kinect + WPF = Freakily cool tracking eyeball.

One ring to rule your phone

At last a ring I can truly call my precious. Scientists at Nokia have developed a phone that is controlled by a ring.

The ring is actually a fairly powerful magnet that controls the phone by being twisted, this movement is picked up by the wrist watch type thing, kinda cool. For more info click here!

Future Burger

I think we are all kinda agreed that we pretty much live in the futuristic world are elders imagined.

We all have computers, touch screen phones and mobile gaming devices, as well as toilets that tell us what we need to eat, robots that do our bidding (kind of) and bigtrack. So isnt it time our food reflected this advance in technology??

» This article puts things right!

Pixel Painting

Get a taste for light painting with the help of these videos files, download them onto your smart phone, follow the simple instructions and create your own indy-ful messages, amaze your friends with your new found skillz, become a rich and powerful magician and rule the world.

Pixel Painting from Jinhwan Kim on Vimeo.

Junkyard Jumbotron

Create your own jumbotron with immense ease! Its a good job almost everyone and their cat has a smart phone. Great piece of software from MIT’s Center for Future Civic Media

Junkyard Jumbotron from chris csik on Vimeo.

Synchronised Fish controlled with Lasers!?

How is this done? Magnets? Mind control? Magic?

Meow Till

Not just happy with just being able to self checkout the japanese have added the extra features of the tills meowing instead of beeping, not really sure what kind of added benfit this would have other than making tescos sound like crazy cat ladys house.

Link to source

Happy Mario Day!

Not actually a real Mario day, but if you look carefully at today’s date it reads MAR 10, MAR/10. I would like to propose that we celebrate this special date every year, maybe even one day it may become a bank holiday, maybe even its own movie, maybe bruce willia playing me, thats pretty spot on, god it’ll be action packed!

»More info here!

Scary Robot Baby Head

As if you didn’t need any more evidence that our robot friends are slowly trying to take over our world check out the youtube below, they are even trying to imitate our kids, look at its cold dead eyes, so cold, so cold.

Super Social Runner

I’m a big fan of running and i regularly track them using my iphone and on occasion post to social sites (mainly to prove that im doing them) but is this going to far? Is there too much tech going on here?

Facial attachment to unsag saggy noses

Do you suffer from saggy nose syndrome? Do you feel your nose could do with a bit more pep, well fear not nose freaks there is help just for you in the form of Beauty Lift High Nose.

For just 3 minutes a day this facial attachment will help lift and firm your sad little nose, about time! You can purchase it here yay!


If your like me you constantly worry about attacks from robots from the future programmed to destroy your leaniage before your great great great grandkids defeat them in an ultimate battle between good and evil. Thankfully Activision and Sega have also thought of this and have shown off their newest creation dogbot!

OK so it may not be able to take on the likes of the T1000 but it can sure buy you some time, i’m sure even Arnie couldn’t resist its charms, just look at it! Original link here!

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