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Freaky tech from around the world

Hi tech nerds and welcome to the little corner of PluggedIn reserved for all the weirdest, strangest and crazy technology from around the world! You have been warned…

The Segway of the Sky

Fancy ditching those Monday morning traffic jams? Have a dislike for stairs? Have a spare $100k? Why not get yourself a commercial jetpack! No brainer right?

Yes! For a measly $100k, you could be flying high with those other cocky avian creatures, smugly looking down on the rest of us with what has been dubbed “the Segway of the skies”

Check out this video to see it in action!

Nyantomo kitten hot water bottle

Ever wanted to hug your cat for warmth but scared you might kill it? Here’s the answer! Nyantomo from the Kao Corporation is a soft and realistic cat with a hot water bottle for its body.

The Kao Corporation say “You can easily add hot water through the slotted opening, and then insert in the cat to stay warm for six to eight hours! Nyantomo is perfect for cold days, keeping the sick comfortable, or just for relaxing.”

cat hot water bottle

Who needs a real cat? Get yours here!

Numbrella (obviously)

Fed up with people laughing at your boring umbrella? Need something that’s uber trendy and keeps your hair dry and frizzless? Look no further than the Numbrella!



Yes you may look like a fool… but you will be a dry fool.

Introducing the Shouting Vase

If like me, you have a habbit of randomly shouting abuse at people on the street, then my friend, i have the product for you! I give you, the Shout Vase!

shout vase

This stunning (and practical) product lets you turn your loudest, most urgent frustrations into mere whispers. If we all had one of these, the world would be a nicer place.

» Get your Shout Vase here!

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