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Freaks of the Week

Robotic Lightsabre Duel

All robots from now on should demo like this, maybe this was how General Grievous started out? He probably snapped after one to many fake light sabre duels, wanted a taste of real action, hmmm think i just thought of another star wars prequel. Anyway watch this its ACE (slow start though)

Fun with augmented reality, glasses and a hot girl

I’m a massive fan of augmented reality, and it seems to becoming more widely available, more so with the launch of Nintendo’s 3DS, and now a Japanese company has created a very awesome looking try-on-your-glasses-online-with-augmented-reality-thing, models very lovely too :D

The Imaginary Marching Band

The Imaginary Marching Band

This looks way fun. One step up from the musical games of PS3, Wii and Xbox 360, this does away with the console and even the TV altogether by putting everything in your hand. Basically if you do the hand movements of say a trumpet you make the trumpet sound, currently you can recreate the sweet sounds of 6 instruments (Trumpet, Trombone, Tuba, Snare Drum, Bass Drum, and Cymbals). Still in the prototype stage, this guy needs cash!
Kickstarter page

Huge Electromagnet Vs. Colourful smaller magnets

Art and science got together one drunken night and kicked out this awesome offspring. I want a massive electromagnet!

F5 2011 RE:PLAY Film Festival. Inductance from Physalia Studio on Vimeo.

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