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Freaks of the week


Who don’t like cats, out of all of the animals on this planet they are clearly the coolest, even cooler than the fonze or me! Well you can imagine the fuss I made in the office when I found these sweet dealys! So with a imaginary drum roll may I present wearable cats ears that connect to your brain and react to your emotions! I know right!!

Ohh fancy shoes

I’m a manly man so i dont understand the importance of shoes. They are but mere tools for me to use and discard, but not these sweet puppies, oh hell no! These are the shoes that God would were to Noel Edmunds house party (if god were that way inclinded).

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Jousting on a Segway

I consider if very mean of all of you that no one is considerate enough to buy me a segway, this would have been one of the first things I would have done on it, after taking it off many sweet jumps, I hope your all happy with yourselves.

Clever cleaning

Marvel at this ingenious use of many many brooms!

Gatling Slingshot Crossbow

I think it best that I’m not allowed anywhere near this contraption, I once hurt myself with air.

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