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Formula One Shaving from Philips

If you are struggling to think of a gift to buy your man this Christmas the new Philips rechargeable shaver is a treat both of you could enjoy.

For a one hour charge, the Philips HQ7390/17 Williams F1 gives eight hours shaving time so those who do not like spending more time than necessary performing this boring morning chore can get a close shave in an easy to use application.

Inspired by the Williams F1 Team’s engineering, Philips Shavers have designed a state of the art shaver which provides premium performance, precision and exceptional control handling – like any winning racing car should.

It uses advanced technology mirrored in the Williams F1 racing systems to ensure the shaver follows the contours of the user’s face so each hair is clipped while on the shaver’s track.

The shaver comes with a set of detachable heads which are ultra thin with slots to shave long hairs and micro holes designed to catch short stubble.

A pre-shave lotion is also available for use with the shaver for delicate or sensitive skin.

Philips also suggests a special technique which will guarantee the best results: move the shaving heads over the skin in both straight and circular movements.

They advise shaving on dry skin works best and it may take two or three weeks for your skin to become accustomed to the Philips system and before you can appreciate the results.

Philips Shaving Range

With 70 years of experience in designing top quality shavers for both men and women, Philips shavers continue to deliver brilliant results.

Their range includes Senso Touch Electric 3D – a GyroFlex 3D Shaver with patented super lift and cut action, skin glide and ultratrack shaver heads.

Their Nivia for Men range meanwhile provides a suitable alternative for those with sensitive skin as it moisturises as you shave.