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Formatting disks on a PC


Formatting means wiping your piece of kit clean of anything you’ve stored on it and restoring it to factory settings.

Memory cards, external and internal drives and memory sticks can all be formatted in the same way.

Formatting anything with a USB connection

    1. Plug the device into your laptop.
    2. Your computer should automatically recognise the stick. If it doesn’t, look for it in My Computer, then select Removable device.
    3. Right click on the icon for the stick and click Format.
    4. In Format Removable Device, you’ll get to change between:

File System – FAT32 or NTFS (we recommend you leave this as the default)

Volume Label – Allows you to change the name of the stick

Format Options – Quick format (default – will do a thorough format of device)

  1. Click Start. A warning window will pop up. Click OK.
  2. When you get the Format complete window, click OK.

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