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Forget the Sony PS Vita, what do we want in the PS Vita 2?

The Sony PS Vita may have been on sale for a week now, but the buzz around this fantastic handheld console is still strong.

Gamers the world over (except in Japan) have been snapping up the Vita virtually non-stop since it hit stores last week.

Sales were slow in Japan when it was released two months ago, but some extensive marketing by Sony ensured the Vita’s worldwide release was a success.

Sony has just announced that the Vita has sold 1.2 million units worldwide – exceeding the gaming giant’s expectations.

There’s no doubting the quality of the Vita. But here at Pluggedin we like to keep one step ahead of the game, and like true techies, look ahead to the next product.

We’re not sure a follow-up handheld will ever see the light of day, but what would we like to see in the PS Vita 2?

PS Vita 3D

OK, so the Nintendo 3DS can be pretty nauseating if you play it in full 3D mode for too long. But by the time the PS Vita 2 rolls around, the technology will surely be much better.

And you know that the gaming geniuses over at Sony would execute it perfectly, taking 3D gaming to the next level.

PS Vita projector

On-the-go gaming is all very well and good on a five inch screen, but how about on a 50 inch projection? Samsung has proved that projectors can be mobile with the Galaxy Beam, so how about it in the PS Vita 2?

There could be some issues to be ironed out, like having to keep the device completely still, but we’re sure Sony can find a solution.

PS Vita phone

Sony has already given the PS Vita 3G capabilities and a selection of apps. So why not go the whole hog and make the Vita 2 able to make phone calls too?

Have we missed anything? Leave your suggestions for the PS Vita 2 below.