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Forget about the Apple iPad 3, what do we want in the iPad 4?

Apple’s next generation iPad – the iPad 3 – is just around the corner. And Techies everywhere have been getting pretty hot under the collar about what it will feature.

The technology rumour mill has been in full swing seemingly since the day after the iPad 2’s release, speculating on everything from size to specs.

And here at Pluggedin, we’ve been no different. But there are only so many leaks from ‘trusted sources’ you can read before getting bored.

So, just for fun, we’ve decided to jump the gun a little bit and start thinking about Apple next tablet – the iPad 4. Think it’s too soon? It’s never too soon in the tech world, so what do we want to see in the iPad 4?

Built-in iPad projector

We know Apple love a bit of syncing, and why wouldn’t they? It means you have to buy more Apple products. But instead of storing films and TV shows on the iCloud, why not build a mini projector into the iPad 4?

There would be no need for a smart TV or Apple set-top box, just a blank wall big enough to show TV screen sized projection.

iPad 4 chopping board

The uses for the iPad are seemingly endless, as Apple keep telling us. But does it help you out in the kitchen? Hardly.

We’d like to see an iPad with a screen so strong you chop up a steak without leaving a mark. We’ve all been tempted to try, so it seems only right that Apple should make it a reality.

iPad 4 3D

There was talk that we’d see 3D technology on the iPad 3, but doesn’t look very likely. So at the very least it should make an appearance on the iPad 4.

The Nintendo 3DS has proved that glasses-free 3D technology can be hard to get right, but on the big screen of the iPad it could look amazing.

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