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Forget about Apple’s iPhone 5. What do we want in the iPhone 6?

After the crushing disappointment of only seeing an iPhone 4S unveiled by Apple at their much-hyped press conference, everyone is holding their breath for the iPhone 5.

Rumoured for a release at some point next year, the iPhone 5 already has tech addicts everywhere debating what exciting new features it may have.

But here at PluggedIn, we are always one step ahead of the game. So forget about the iPhone 5, what things would we like to see in the iPhone 6? Or iPhone 5S as it may be called.

iPhone hologram

A marked improvement on the iPhone’s Facetime video calling software would be a good start. So what about a hologram that pops out of the device, displaying the 3D image of whoever you are talking to? Think Star Wars, and you get the idea.

The working title we have come up with is iGram, in keeping with Apple’s distinct lack of imagination when it comes to naming its products. Surely this type of technology is the next logical step?

A bendy iPhone

We’ve already had the Nokia Kinetic – a new concept from the mobile giant that allows users to control certain functions by physically manipulating their phone.

Bendy screen technology is slowly working its way towards being commercially viable, so by the time we are ready for the iPhone 6 it will be ready to go.

Despite all its innovations, Apple still insists on making phones out of glass. But as technology gets better and phones get bendier, we could be seeing a more durable iPhone.

iPhone’s Siri gets personal

iPhone 4S users everywhere have been enjoying the funny responses that Siri often comes up with. But aside from entertainment, and the making the occasional note, Siri has quite a limited capacity.

The iPhone 5 will surely build on the technology to make Siri quicker, more intelligent and more thorough. So by the time the iPhone 6 rolls around, we want to see something really impressive.

How about giving Siri a personality with some sci-fi style Artificial Intelligence? Users could program the type of personality they want Siri to have, and then build up a genuine friendship with the system. It would bring true meaning to the phrase ‘you’re never alone with a phone.’