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Flat smartphone batteries, the bain of my life..

Just Mobile Gum Plus Universal Charger for iPhone and iPod

Rating: ★★★★½

So, we’ve all run out and bought the shiny new iPhone 4S with its advanced features, Siri personal assistant, iMessage, 8mp Camera and a host of other brilliant things to make sure the battery does not last even close to the amount of time claimed by Apple.

Personally I have turned off iMessage, most of the location aware settings and all notifications in order to make the phone (read: its battery) usable for one working day without needing a recharge.

And it’s not just the iPhone 4S, most of the new dual core smart phones are guilty of the same thing, the more they do, the less time they can do it for. We will however concentrate here on the iPhone because that’s what I have in my hand right now.

On a recent business trip, I was doing the usual walk round the duty free electrical shops looking for gadgets and came across the “Just Mobile” Gum Plus universal charger. Well aware of the Power Monkey, having owned one before, the Gum Plus caught my eye due to it’s shiny case and relatively small proportions given the massive 4400mAh on offer. In addition to this, although advertised as “made for iPhone”, it’s output port is a regular USB and therefore charging capabilities go much further.

After relieving my wallet of £65 (the closest Power Monkey was £45 but only sported 2200mAh) , it was time to put the Gum Plus to the test.

The “Just Mobile” gumph claims the following:

“Just Mobile Gum Plus packs an impressive 4,400mAh of power and 1,000mA of output, that can charge your iPhone up to 4 times. It’s able to juice up your iPhone to 90% in just an hour. It also works for your iPod, Smartphone and other USB powered devices.”

After fully charging the unit (it comes about 60% charged) and plugging in my now depleted 4S, I can confirm that I was seeing just shy of 90% charge after 1hr and the battery on the Gum Plus was still showing 3 of its 5 charge indication lights. I later managed another full charge of the 4S and fully charging a colleague’s iPhone 4 before we were down to no lights and needing a recharge.

I expect this to get better after a few charge cycles have been through the Gum Plus, but 3 full iPhone charges is no mean feat and I am impressed.

In the box comes the battery unit itself which is cased in brushed aluminium and sports 2 USB ports a power button and 5 charge indication lights. The former are, 1 for input (mini USB) and one for output (regular USB) and both the input charge cable and an iPhone output cable are included. I felt the lack of a micro USB output cable however was a bit stingy but adds to the marketing that this is intended for iPhone…

I have since put a short micro USB cable in the provided velvet bag so I am equipped for all my charging needs. Users of Nokias or other devices with “proprietary” charging ports need to add their own cable to the package which may be a turn off for some.


  • Huge Power
  • Great output for fast charging


  • No micro USB cable
  • No mains charger


Overall, for what is largely a humble battery, the Gum Plus delivers on all levels. It has a large capacity in a small frame, great output power and looks good too. The only downside is the “made for Apple” marketing which precludes the inclusion of another cable or 2 which would make this almost the perfect battery backup solution for any of us who have these devices and actually use them! (ooh and it comes in Silver, Red or Black)