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Five of the best 3D technology gadgets we cannot wait to get our hands on!

3D TVs continue to dominate the electronic industry, but there have been a few new 3D-embracing gadgets to get excited about for 2011. Here’s a pick of the best.

Sony 3D Headset Display

Sony have officially unveiled their concept design for personal 3D head-mounted displays. The glossed white headset has a futuristic row of external blue LEDs. Creating a personal 3D display through two panels for both eyes, the head-mounted display is said to come with in-built surround sound audio functionality.

The 3D headset overcomes crosstalk experienced on 3D TVs using active shutter glasses by incorporating two OLED displays – one for each eye – offering 1280 x 720 pixels each. It also features built-in surround audio, Sony’s exec deputy president Hiroshi Yoshioka revealed during the CES, “As a big gamer myself, I couldn’t be excited more than when I first played Gran Turismo 5 with this head-mounted display because nobody, not even my wife, could interrupt me so that I could get a higher score,”.

The headset’s currently still at the prototype stage, so it’s not clear when it’ll come to market, so WATCH THIS SPACE!

Sony HDR TD10E 3D Camcorder

Electronics giant Sony are proud to show off their “world’s first consumer 3D camcorder that provides double full HD”. Featuring two 1080p sensors and two processors to allow for the touted ‘double full HD’ video capture, the sleek looking compact 3D Handycam also has a 10x zoom and a 3.5-inch glasses-free 3D display for video playback.

Stability issues are a common problem when you’re shooting without a tripod. Optical SteadyShot Active Mode compensates for the effects of camera shake correction, even when you’re walking along. Many camcorders struggle in low light, producing grainy, fuzzy images. Super sensitive Exmor R CMOS Sensor reduces image noise for clearer images. In conjunction with the powerful BIONZ processor you’ll get clear and crisp results in dim interiors or at dusk.

LG LW6500 Cinema 3DTM TV

LG is introducing a line of passive 3D TV’s. Available in 4 screen sizes the LW6500 series are LED backlit LCD screens. The panel is made using LG’s FPR (Film-type Patterned Retarder) panel that is said to better focus the separate images being fed to the left and right eye. Passive 3D technology means the LW6500′s will use polarized 3D glasses rather than the active shutter glasses used mostly with 2010 3D TVs.

These passive glasses require no batteries, weigh less and are far less expensive compared to their active counterparts. Promising viewers enhanced brightness and clarity, LG hopes the LW6500 range will also make for more comfortable 3D viewing. With a smart FPR panel for crisper, blur free images, you can also benefit from Flicker-free technology and lightweight 3D glasses that allow you watch from any angle.

The Magic Remote is another standout feature for the LW6500, motion sensitivity is all the rage these days on gaming platforms and LG jumped on the bandwagon to make interacting with your television both intuitive and fun. The new Smart TV feature is one that consumers interested in streaming content should find very appealing because it offers both ease of use and abundant content.

Toshiba Qosmio 500 Laptop

Toshiba’s Qosmio 500 is set to show off the new power conserving, video dominating chips, adding to the 15.6-inch TruBrite HD displays with LED backlighting. Enhancing its gaming credentials there’s also 2D to 3D image rendering capabilities to benefit all your 3D gaming requirements. The Qosmio X500 laptop offers up to 8GB of DDR3 system memory and advanced storage—like a high-speed 7200RPM hard drive, plus a solid state drive dual-config option.

The laptop’s full-sized keyboard makes it quick and easy to rattle off long emails and it comes complete with a separate numerical keypad, for your convenience. There are also backlit media-playback controls on the left-hand side and you’ll find a fingerprint reader nestled between the two buttons on the big, smooth trackpad.

Cambridge Audio 751BD Blu-Ray Player

If you are fortunate to have a 3D TV, you are more than likely to be on the look out for an equally trendy Blu-Ray 3D player to match. Cambridge Audio are the latest manufacturer to hit the 3D revolution with its 751BD 3D Blu-ray player 3D featuring almost universal disc compatibility.

The 751BD not only plays Blu-ray discs – including those with 3D content – but also CD, HDCD, DVD-Video, DVD-Audio and SACD. with twin HDMI outputs, the 751BD can even deliver 3D video to multiple displays (such as a 3D TV and projector) and both are fully compatible with the HDMI 1.4 standard for 3DTV and Deep Colour support. The primary output also features a high quality Marvell QDEO video scaler with motion adaptive noise reduction for quiet and natural, video free from noise and artefacts.

As well as stunning performance with Blu-ray discs, the 751BD delivers unbeatable picture quality from existing DVDs, which can also be up-scaled to 1080p resolution.