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Five Energy Efficient Products For The Home

Finding the best energy efficient appliance or product for your home can be difficult, especially when there is so much choice.

To ensure your house is as energy efficient as possible you should consult energy efficient labels. These can help you to save the environment and money, see ‘How To Read Energy Efficiency Labels and Save Money’ to find out how.

We take a look at five of the best energy efficient products for your home.

Samsung Eco Bubble Washing Machine

Household appliances can use a large amount of energy in one single go so they are not terribly energy efficient for your home. Luckily a number of products, such as the Samsung Eco Bubble washing machine, is designed to offer energy efficient performance.

Combining performance with value, the Eco Bubble has a spin speed of 1400rpm, a wash load of 7kg and all with an energy efficiency rating of A+++.

Find out more information about the Eco Bubble, or shop for your favourite.

Dexim Visible G iPod, iPad & iPhone Charger

When it comes to charging media devices, such as MP3 players and iPods, many of us simply leave our devices to charge whilst carrying on with other duties. Once a device has reached full charge, energy is wasted if the power is not turned off, meaning that the process is not energy efficient.

Luckily, the Visible G iPod charger has found a way round this by automatically turning itself off once full charge has been reached. The charger even features electroluminescent wires which pulse at different speeds to display the amount of power which is being used – making the product functional and attractive. Click here to see the charger in action.

Stoves S1-E900F Electric Oven

A number of energy efficient ovens are available to make your home more eco-friendly, one of which is the Stoves S1-E900F electric oven.

This cooking appliance features an energy efficient top and bottom ovens which are fan assisted. With an 83 litre capacity and telescopic shelves, this appliance saves energy in style.

Acer Happy 2 N570 PK Netbook

All electric products can save energy to improve the efficiency of your home. The Acer Happy 2 N570 PK Netbook uses energy-saving LED technology within its impressive 10.1 inch widescreen along with an energy-efficient Intel Atom processor to provide great features that are eco-friendly.

Belkin Conserve Valet

The Conserve Valet is one of four products in Belkin’s energy monitoring range which is designed to allow multiple devices to be charged at once. The product detects when devices are fully powered and automatically turns off the power in order to save energy.

The other devices in the range are the Conserve Insight, Conserve Smart AV and Conserve Socket. For more details on the full range, look here.

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