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Five Apple iPad 3 accessories we want to see

For many techies, 2012 is about one thing and one thing only: the Apple iPad 3. We’re not sure exactly when it’ll be released, but we are still very excited.

Rumours are already flying around about the iPad 3’s hardware, software, and specs. But enough about all that, what about the accessories that will invariably follow?

Obviously, there haven’t been quite as many rumours about the iPad 3’s accessories as for the device itself, but we can still speculate. So what are the top iPad 3 accessories we’d love to see?

Wireless projector for iPad 3

The iPad 3 is shaping up to be a fantastic device, delivering high quality pictures and video. But when it comes to watching a film, tablets can be pretty annoying.

There is of course integration between iPads and smart TVs, but a smart TV is not always available. So a projector would be perfect for those big nights in.

New cover for iPad 3

The iPad smart cover we have at the moment is pretty good, but we’re never satisfied in the tech world. We’d like to see a cover for the iPad 3 that’s so thin you can barely notice it, but that still delivers the much-needed protection for the precious screen.

Mobile charger for iPad 3

Whoever invented the mobile charger was nothing short of a genius. But they don’t really deliver as much battery life as we’d like.

And given that the iPad 3 will be using a ridiculous amount of energy powering the high-res screen and all the fancy features, mobile chargers need to get better, fast.

Decent carry case for iPad 3

There are more carry cases for the iPad than you can possibly imagine. But are there any good ones? Of course not.

So it would be nice to see a transporting case for the iPad 3 that was as sleek, stylish and sexy as the device itself.

Siri on iPad 3

OK, so this is not technically an accessory, but we really hope the iPad 3 comes with everyone’s favourite voice recognition software.

And given the success of Siri on the iPhone 4S, Apple would be crazy not to bring the technology to its latest device.

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