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FIFA v PES 2012- which scores with you?

Arsenal vs Spurs, Madrid vs Barcelona or even Rangers vs Celtic – when it comes
to football there is one rivalry that stands above all the rest… FIFA vs Pro Evolution Soccer (PES).

And it’s all hotting up again as the two hit
football games do battle once again this Christmas on your console from the PlayStation 3 to Xbox 360 and Nintendo DS as well as iOS devices and the PC.

Top of the football game table

One thing is for sure, both FIFA 12 and PES 2012 will stay at the top of the computer game table for months to come, and there will be plenty of arguements over Christmas dinner as to which one is best.

Now if you’re still deciding which one to go for – or buying one as a present for someone – I’ve had a look at the best features to try and see which scores best in all areas of the virtual pitch.

After all, buying both would be like supporting Arsenal AND Spurs – and that’s just not allowed.

EA SPORTS’ FIFA 12 – which shifted a record 3.2 million copies worldwide in less than a week – is currently the more popular of the two titles.

FIFA 12 all flashy graphics?

Once seen as all flashy graphics and in-depth stats, the makers have worked on improving the gameplay side year-on-year to the point where FIFA 12 has everyone from hardened critics to casual gamers giving it the thumbs up.

And while the improvements are attracting many newbies to the title, there’s plenty of latest options and features for those wondering whether to upgrade from their last season version.

The online gameplay has been refined and improved for the new campaign – no longer being just about one-off games, but now a season-long experience. It even offers the chance to live real-world games in real-time, so you can fix all those controversial decisions.

The gameplay has also been tweaked, and realism improved, with terms like ‘precision dribbling’ and ‘tactical defending’ sure to be music to fans’ ears.

Pro Evo Soccer 2012

KONAMI are hoping that PES 2012 – affectionately referred to as Pro Evo by its legion of admirers – will fight off the FIFA challenge to be the choice of both football and gaming purists, describing it as “the most ambitious and advanced football game ever”.

And given how gameplay has always been the key strength and selling-point of smash hit previous PES titles, you are inclined to believe that boast.

Released last month, at the heart of PES 2012 is a brand new ‘Active Artificial Intelligence’ system.

Stripping out the fancy jargon, this means that players controlled by the computer act much more like the real thing. But that’s sure to mean they make mistakes too on the field, as well as hit passes that split defences like a knife through butter.

When you’re on the ball, your teammates will be making dummy runs or finding space. Off it, they’ll pull together to allow proper defensive marking systems.

Those who still don’t like the computer interfering will love Pro Evo’s other big new feature, ‘Teammate Control’, which allows the gamer to act for two players at once, via a crafty new use for the analogue stick.

Other new PES innovations for 2012 include enhanced animation, smoother control and player reactions and even proper Champions League branded referee outfits for that real big match feel.

And with kick-off already underway, all I can do now is blow the whistle and leave it to you to decide which title you think you’ll score with.

Which game do you prefer? Let us know what you think of the new FIFA 12 or PES 2012 or the previous versions…

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