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FIFA 13 vs PES 2013: what do we know so far?

A sporting battle almost on par with the Olympic Games, the recent exhibition of some of FIFA 13’s new features ahead of its autumn launch has renewed interest in one of gaming’s biggest matches: FIFA vs PES.

With both games preparing to hit the shelves later this year, gamers will need to make a quick decision over which side to back – but what do we know about the two teams so far?


Thanks to some well-timed screenshot releases from FIFA 13, the odds for this team are fairly strong. Player likeness is high on the agenda for developers EA Sports, with new software integrated to give virtual players a larger dose of realism.

Graphic output has been considerably enhanced and even muscular definition and delicate shadowing can be seen in action shots.

Of course, how a team looks is nothing compared to how it plays – so what new features await owners of FIFA 13?

Dribbling and free-kick features are two of the main areas to have undergone improvement, with dribbling now involving more skill and player involvement. Free kicking will become ‘tactical’ with players able to taunt their opposing team or feign a shot.

In an attempt to make playing more interactive, EA Sports have also improved their ball control to make it more realistic. This means receiving the ball will no longer be an effortless move, with its strength, speed and height all taken into account – as it would be in a real game.

Team PES

Ever since the PES 2013 trailer was released online, this team has looked in good shape. Naturally, the trailer lacked the clarity which some spectators desired but we’re still looking forward to it

Like FIFA 13, player animation has been a main source of improvement for PES, with virtual players getting a much-needed makeover.

A “new level of playability” will be provided through PES’s new FullControl system – designed to improve how players receive, pass and control the ball (striking another similarity with FIFA’s next offering).

FIFA vs PES – who’s winning this year?

So, with both teams aiming for the same goal, which team will be victorious and which will be tarred with the shame of scoring an own-goal?

With only guarded information being released and little difference between the teams, this is one match that is too close to call – meaning we’ll just have to keep our eyes on the pitch till kick-off this autumn.

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