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FIFA 13 demo vs PES 2013 demo – which is best?

With yesterday’s news that the FIFA 13 demo is finally available for the PS3, the hype surrounding the game may mean that PES 2013 demo may have all but faded from players’ memories.

With release date for PES 2013 scheduled a week ahead of FIFA 13, we put the demos head to head to get an idea of which title is likely to win out when they hit the market for real.

PES 2013 demo

Konami gets the thumbs up for releasing a second version of the PES 2013 demo after listening to feedback from players.

It launched its second demo offering at the end of August for Xbox 360 and PS3, with a PC version available later this month.

Version two of the demo offers 11 fully licensed teams, up from the eight offered on the first demo, and also allows teams to battle it out in 10 minute matches.

The range of teams includes Germany, England, Portugal and Italy. Improvements have also been made to shot speed, blocking actions by defenders, pass targeting and trajectory and even the game’s referee Al.

One of the demo’s key features is Pro-Active AI, which gives players the chance to move both on and off the ball to give a true-to-life soccer experience. A new mechanic in FullControl also gives players full control of shots and passes.

FIFA 13 demo

The FIFA 13 demo only includes five playable teams – Arsenal, Manchester City, Juventus, AC Milan, and Borussia Dortmund.

However, where it does stand out is in the fact that it allows real-life information on players form, including injuries and suspensions to be reflected in their stats.

First Touch Control and the Player Impact Engine allows players to choose an array of techniques, including Complete Dribbling and Attacking Intelligence.

Changes to Career Mode now mean that players can accept an offer to manage a national team in addition to managing their own club.

EA has been the king of the footy game for a couple of years now, and looks like retaining that crown with FIFA 13. But with some great new features in PES 2013, it’s going to be a close call!

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