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Few gadgets REALLY change your life – This will

SKY+ HD 1TB box

Rating: ★★★★★

I work from home, digitizing cinefilm and other things with 7 screens in front of me. It’s a great job but it can get monotonous after a short while. I got a sky box to watch stuff and relieve the boredom, it was OK, better than downloading films in dodgy formats with slow bandwith.

Then I thought, “stuff this”, and decided to go HD last year and got an upgraded 1TB Sky+HD box and my world exploded. I work for longer and do better work thanks to this little box of tricks.
The best thing about it is “Series Link” but that is one of many essential parts of the whole. I have started to watch and enjoy programs I never thought I would. CSI, Lie To Me, NCIS, Silent Witness, Lewis, Midsomer Murders and so on ad infinitum.

The way this multi-channel world works is that whole series of programs used to take 6 to 26 weeks to be aired. Now with channels like Dave, Living, Five USA, ITV3 and so on series seem to be on constant rotation and with something like CSI (10 seasons and 200+ episodes) it can seem confusing to keep up with when and on what channels programs will be aired.
It is now all so simple. Just search for the next episode of something like Silent Witness press record and check the “Record Series” box and every instance of that program on that channel will be recorded.

For example just before Christmas when I closed my attic office for 10 days I came back to work in the new year to find 100 instances of CSI across the channels I had set to record. If there are duplicates they are easily found and deleted. I can now work my way through those whilst new episodes are being recorded all the time. I am now recording all of The Professionals and The Sweeney from ITV4 and have about 30 episodes ready to go when I am.
The only ways I can fault the whole system is that it won’t allow you to edit down anything. I have GBs wasted with adverts and previous or next programs. And I want to lump programs together even if they have been recorded on different channels. CSI might be on 7 different channels with all the HD, USA and +1 versions of Living and Five.

If you are uhmming and aaahing about getting this upgrade from standard Sky then I can recommend doing so without hesitation or worry. You will have a whole new relationship with your TV….


  • 1TB is more than enough for anybody
  • Sky Anytime service is great for things you might not consider normally
  • HD does make a difference
  • Pausing and rewind is essential, I have count of the times I have said


  • Having to give money to Rupert Murdoch
  • Can't edit out adverts or anything at all for that matter
  • Recording program start and end system has little feedback or subtlety, if a program starts late you will miss the end of it
  • can't move or group a series if recorded on ITV, ITV+1, ITV HD etc. it can get messy
  • Can only watch or record two channels, you really need three.


Now an irreplaceable part of my family’s life, we have two such boxes and have more than enough entertainment available when it suits us. The first gadget to radically change my life since we had kids 15 years ago. Very few glitches for a whole bundle of positives. To make perfection even better I would allow editing (cutting out the ads) and allow three channel recording or viewing, not just two.