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Fanny Wang 3003 Over Ear Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

Fanny Wang 3003 Headphones

Rating: ★★★★½


Fanny Wang’s 3003 modern over-ear headphones are not only super stylish but are comfortable too. They feel fairly robust and come complete with a rigid foam outer case that’s beautifully moulded around the headphones for ultra protection.

When it comes to looks, the Fanny Wang 3003 over ear headphones definitely stand out from the crowd. With their prominent chunky design, these headphones certainly look the part with their snazzy headband, funky ear pieces and ultra thick cushioned earpads. What’s really great is the ability to design you own colour scheme via the Fanny Wang website. There’s a wide range of colours to choose from and with the ability to select each element of the headphone, you really can make them as unique as you wish.

Build and Comfort

Build quality is impressive and these headphones look like they are built to last. The headband is firm and sturdy and provides a very snug fit over the ears. However, the firm pressure I felt around my head and ears meant they became a little uncomfortable to wear after about 20 minutes of use. With such a high price tag, I found this hugely disappointing. I was expecting them to be ultra comfortable and to be able to wear these for a good couple of hours before feeling any discomfort, in fact, I wouldn’t expect to feel any discomfort at all.


A great added feature is the built in headphone splitter which allows someone else to plug in and listen to the same music as you, without the need for any adapters.

The aluminium hinges enable the headphones to fold away in a more confined space, which is great if you like the functionality of over ear headphones but want the benefit of portability.


The 3003 model sport four-way active noise cancellation, so your music is not compromised in any way whatsoever. Added to that, they come with dual layered titanium drivers which deliver unbelievably crisp sound reproduction and a bass boost that switches on 6db of rich booming bass to enhance your tunes. 

The bass is pretty impressive and offers a rich and deep sound.

With bass boost turned on it is definitely enhanced and you certainly get an extra punch that makes you feel like you are standing next to a huge boomy speaker in a club. 

Midrange and vocals seems pretty impressive too and the highs are clear and sharp. I can pick out different instruments and finer details within the music which may not be possible with some other over ear headphones.

The sound isolation works extremely well. I was able to enjoy listening to my music with no interference or interruption and at the same time, without any compromise on the quality of the sound.


  • Look Great
  • Sound performance


  • Comfort not as expected


Even though the 3003 model look great and perform very well, I have to admit I would have expected a bit more of a wow factor, especially given their fairly high price tag.  Comfort was a bit of a disappointment, with my ears and head feeling too much pressure from the headphones after a short time of use.

However, the sound performance powered by these headphones was extremely good and delivered well across all genres of music in my collection from classical through to R&B albums.

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