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Fanny Wang 2003 Over Ear Bass Boost Headphones

Fanny Wang 2003 Over Ear Bass Boost Headphones

Rating: ★★★★★


The Fanny Wang 2003 over ear bass boosting headphones are ultra modern, robust and powerful.

Their bulky design are far from discreet yet they still manage to look sleek and stylish.  They come in three different colours including, bold red, baby pink and black.

The plastic rigid shell of the headband is nicely padded as well adjustable, so it can expand to fit your head size perfectly.  The ear cups are covered with a thick layer of padding for extra comfort and are adjustable to fit your specific needs.

The padding along with the lightweight design meant they were easy on my head and left me completely lost in my music collection for about an hour, almost as if I wasn’t wearing any headphones at all!  After an hour though, they started to feel a bit uncomfortable and I sensed some pressure around my head.


Overall build quality is impressive.  The 2003 headphones look like they are built to last and thanks to the hard protective case, you can ensure you keep them at their best even when they are not in use.

The fold-able design means you can also store them away neatly on your travels and the molded hard outer case ensures they’ll stay perfectly protected at all times.

If you want to share your music, then you’ll love the in-line splitter.  It easily lets someone else link their headphones directly to the cord so they can listen to the same track without the need for adapters.

The 2003 also feature an in-line mic and track control that allows you to control the volume of your music whilst enabling you to answer your phone calls.


The 50mm Titanium Dual Plated Drivers really compliment the audio and deliver incredibly crisp and clean sound.  I found this to be the case across the board from mids and highs through to a deep thumping bass.  Sound reproduction is evenly balanced with perfect clarity and natural versatile tones.

The built in bass boost is very impressive, delivering up to 6 db of added sound and the amplifier helps to power the 2003 through pretty demanding situations.

Sound leakage was apparent at approximately 40-50% volume which to some, could be a bit of a decision breaker.  For me however, it wasn’t really a big problem.

I tested these headphones with several genres of music within my collection from Rock, R&B and Dance through to Classical and I can honestly say these headphones performed extremely well.  If I was to be really critical I would say that I noticed the highs to be slightly overpowered by the mids and the boomy bass.

This isn’t much of a problem but if you prefer to hear more of the highs instead of the bassy notes in your music, then these may not be the right headphones for you.  Having said that, the bass wasn’t too much that it would give you a headache.  In fact, quite the opposite.

I loved the bass sounds reproduced by these headphones.  It was punchy and prominent but not at all distorted or overdone.


  • Funky design
  • Sound performance
  • Build Quality


  • Highs slightly overpowered by bass and midtones


Overall, these headphones scored extremely well in terms of build quality, sound performance, design and comfort levels.

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