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Facebook vs Google – New Battle of the Search Engines

Google might be looking over its shoulder tonight, as social networking powerhouse Facebook is reportedly giving its search engine a complete makeover.

At the moment, the search function on Facebook is probably one of the worst parts about the social network – it’s a fairly rudimentary system.

Powered by Microsoft’s Bing search engine, it is designed to users of the site rather than web pages. But all that could be about to change.

According to reports, Facebook is quietly working a new version of the search function – to help users make the most of the vast plethora of content on the site.

Change to Facebook Search

So how exactly is Facebook going about refreshing its search? According to reports, former Google engineer Lars Rasmussen has been drafted in to head up the project.

According to a report by Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Rasmussen is in charge of a secret team of 25 engineers tasked with revitalising the search engine.

So instead of just searching for that long-lost girlfriend or boyfriend, or trying to find that funny group, you’ll be able to search for news stories, videos, pictures and other content.

“By cropdusting the web with “Like” buttons, Facebook has a huge set of data and information curated by all of us,” said tech blog The Next Web.

“Think of it as a super-fine set of information that has already been pre-screened by humans,” it added.

Search Engine Rumours

The latest reports are not the first we’ve heard of a new search function for Facebook. Rumours spread like wildfire after a picture of Mark Zuckerberg’s laptop started doing the rounds, showing his own Facebook page with an expanded search box.

How long we’ll be waiting to see the new search function remains to be seen, but Google will certainly be holding its breath in anticipation until then.