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Facebook mobile distracts from share prices

Following the commencement of share sales for Facebook, the world’s best-known social networking site has hardly left the headlines. Now, Facebook mobile has become the next area of the business to steal the limelight – but why?

With share prices for the company plummeting to below $30, there has been plenty of speculation over whether the company failed to live up to its own hype.

Yet, as if to re-establish its dominant position over the world’s social media, Facebook has announced its intention to develop a dedicated Facebook phone – detracting focus from the flagging value of its shares.

Facebook mobile: what, when and where?

According to the latest information, the Facebook smartphone could be available as early as next year, with an anonymous source claiming this is the third attempt by the company to develop its own branded mobile phone.

This latest attempt has seen former Apple engineers join the Facebook mobile team; giving high hopes to those of us desperate to get our hands on a device capable of more intuitive and interactive access to the most widely used social network.

The move is hoped to give consumers a phone which works more seamlessly with the Facebook website, allowing users to access the features with greater ease. This increased accessibility is hoped to translate into increased revenue, via advertisements, and could therefore help Facebook regain some of its former financial glory.

Is it enough?

Whilst the Facebook smartphone is undoubtedly something which we all want to see, whether it will be enough to resolve the current problems concerning the company’s share prices remain to be seen.

According to a report earlier this month, many Facebook users fail to click on adverts, meaning the company may need to consider other ways of increasing its revenue.

Recent developments have seen Facebook release rival apps and services to challenge its competitors, with a Facebook app for photo creation and sharing designed to rival Instagram being just one example.

More developments of this kind could be one area of growth for the company, and is sure to leave Facebook fans wondering just what features we can expect from the fabled Facebook phone?