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Facebook is full of fakes… 83 million in fact

As you’ve already probably noticed after getting that ‘totally real’ friend request from Rihanna, Facebook is full of fakes… but what i bet you didn’t know was just how many fakers there are on Facebook.

83 million according to recent finding by Zuckerberg and co. That’s 8.7% of the 955 million active Facebook accounts.

To put that number in perspective, it’s roughly the same population as Egypt which, by current stats is the 15th most populated country in the world.

The breakdown

Of this 8.7%, it’s thought that roughly 4.8% are duplicate accounts, 2.4% are ‘misclassified’ accounts (dodgy businesses, parodies and worst of all, pets) and 1.5% are ‘undesirables’ which are accounts that break Facebook’s rules (spammers, hackers etc…).

Facebook stated in their report:

“We believe the percentage of accounts that are duplicate or false is meaningfully lower in developed markets such as the United States or Australia and higher in developing markets such as Indonesia and Turkey,”

An advertising nightmare

Since Facebook went public, share prices have been on a slippery downwards slope. Something that doesnt look to improve if Facebook can’t sort out the monumental amount of fake accounts.

The problem is that these misclassified and undesirable accounts mess with Facebook’s ability to target specific advertisements to users, not to mention causing issues for the site’s metrics which it then supplies to the advertisers.

It seems Facebook are committed to solving the problem though with an estimated 20,000 accounts being shut down daily. Is it too little to late though?

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