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Exquisite Coffee with the De’Longhi ESAM5400 Perfecta

Coffee with Style & Sophistication

For all you coffee lovers out there looking for a machine that delivers sensuous expressos, cappuccinos and delicious lattes, this well-designed appliance is a serious contender and whats more, it’s extremely easy to use.  The programme functions also cater for the more serious user, allowing you to set the strength, temperature and quantity that you desire. The digital display is easy to follow and an adjustable height of the coffee dispenser means you can make either two full-sized cappuccinos or espresso-size cups.

The active cup warmer and automatic shut off facility means you will always make the perfect coffee with ease at home. It even informs you when it’s time to descale (an automatic function taking 30 minutes) and lets you know when the grounds container needs emptying as well as when the water tank needs refilling. So you don’t have to worry about anything but drinking delicious tasting coffee every time!

So, for the more technical audience out there, here is how it all works

Perfecta is one of the best domestic bean-to-cup espresso, café lungo, café latte and cappuccino machine on the market, with ingeniously designed easy to use controls.

All aspects of a typical professional pump espresso machine (like the ones you see in your highstreet coffee bar), such as grinders, filter holders and steam pipes, are found working inside the Perfecta, De’Longhi has simply redesigned, compacted and hidden them inside the machine. Perfecta expertly performs all of these functions at the touch of one button. There is also the traditional frothing arm to enable you to impress your guests by manually frothing the milk whilst making them the perfect cappuccino or latte! Perfecta is one of the best domestic bean-to-cup espresso, café lungo, café latte and cappuccino machine on the market, with ingeniously designed easy to use controls.

The Bean-to-cup Journey

The function of a bean-to-cup machine is just as the name suggests: literally delivering coffee straight from freshly ground beans into your cup. Perfecta does this in seconds, and yet the coffee is as good and as fresh as any you’ll buy in a coffee bar. After pressing one button to select ‘espresso’, the bean-to-cup journey starts at the integral coffee bean grinder. Perfecta has an adjustable, professional conical burr grinder to expertly grind the beans to your desired coarseness with a choice of 7 settings.

The ground coffee is then packed tightly and the internal brewing unit pushes hot water through the coffee at professional 15 bar pressure. The espresso is then delivered straight into your cup, the whole process taking just seconds. The hallmark of a perfect espresso is recognised by the ‘crema’: a creamy layer that sits on top of the espresso to seal in the temperature and flavour .The thicker the crema, the better the espresso and the quality of the machine that produced it.

If you have run out of coffee beans or want/prefer to use ground coffee instead, using the control panel, just change the settings and put ground coffee in the ground coffee compartment, it’s so convenient and easy to use!

Cappuccino, Latte Macchiato and Caffelatte

Cappuccinos, latte macchiatos and caffelattes can be made using the traditional frothing arm to froth the milk. Using cold milk (semi-skimmed or skimmed works best), you can select the correct steam pressure and manually steam the milk in a barista fashion to create the prefect froth.

The electronic steam and coffee thermostat ensures accurate adjustable steam control. The Perfecta can be set to adjustable quantities of coffee and water which help create that perfect, individually tailored cup of coffee every time!

So, sit back, read the paper and enjoy an unforgettable coffee experience everyday or invite your friends over to impress them with your iconic coffee maker!

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