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“Experience The Wireless Vibe”

Parrot Party Bluetooth Portable Speaker (Black Edition)

Rating: ★★★★★

The Parrot Party Bluetooth portable speakers is perfect for those who want to hear or share there favourite tracks with superb sound quality without the use of headphones.

Though it best performs in small rooms it also performs well in large spaces including outdoors. It connects easily by connecting it via bluetooth to any A2DP compatible bluetooth device such as your mobile phone, laptop, or MP3/MP4 player (Including iPod or iPad) and also supports NFC compatible handsets.

However it also includes an Auxiliary line in (with a cable included) so you can connect any device with a 3.5mm out jack. The speakers also include bass amplification and stereo widening which makes your tracks sound great from the speaker. These features can be deactivated with buttons on the device, but through experience I wouldn’t see why you would want too, as tracks sound amazing with these features turned on.

The rechargeable battery (which can be recharged with the included plug adaptor) can last up to 4 hours but can also be used whilst plugged into a mains outlet. Unfortunately when connected through bluetooth (Especially to a laptop), there can sometimes be a small 2-3 second delay, but this shouldn’t be a problem with general listening.

It can also feel heavy when in stored in your bag or carrying it about. The box includes software for easy set up for Windows , a carry case, wrist strap and 3.5mm to 3.5mm jack cable. (Although the software is only for windows the device easily connects to mac without it.)


  • Bass Amplification / Stereo Widening Features
  • Battery Life
  • Easy To Use
  • Design


  • Can Feel Heavy
  • Sometimes a Delay Through Bluetooth


I couldn’t praise this device enough. I feel the Pros of the device greatly outweigh the cons. I use this device a lot and highly recommend it to anyone seeking good quality bluetooth speakers for for there device to use at parties or social gatherings. Top speakers!