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Excellent Philips Citiscape Shibuya On-Ear Headphones

Philips SHL5205 CitiScape Shibuya Headphones

Rating: ★★★★★

Design and Build

If you want a pair of headphones that look ultra cool and are extremely comfortable, then the Philips Citiscape Shibuya on-ear headphones are definitely worth a look.

They deliver a fantastic range of sound thanks to their powerful audio drivers and with a fairly low price tag, they are perfect for everyday listening on your PC, phone or MP3 player.

The lightweight headband has two layers: a plastic top layer and a soft breathable strip beneath, which is perforated to allow heat from your head to escape. This makes them extra comfortable, especially when being worn for long periods of time.

Not only are they designed to ensure the best possible fit, the flexible headband offers extensions so you can adjust them to suit your head shape and size. That way, you can totally immerse yourself in your music with maximum comfort and enjoyment.


The ear pieces are coated with ultra-soft foam cushions which sit extremely comfortable on your ears. They fit quite snug and form a really secure fit over the ears and thanks to the on-ear isolating cushions, not only do you get unbelievable sound but you also have the benefit of any outside noise being almost completely blocked out.

The Flat 1.2 m anti-tangle cable is sturdy and durable whilst at the same time, ensure you don’t waste unnecessary time un-knotting tangled up wires. The length of the cable gives you ultra flexibility to move around whilst listening but aren’t too long to become a tripping hazard.

A bonus feature with the CitiScape headphones is the built-in microphone which enables you to easily switch from listening to music to taking phone calls. It’s brilliantly convenient and allows you stay connected to your friends and family whilst listening to your tunes on the go.

These headphones pride themselves on their powerful 40 mm drivers which definitely deliver a deep and punchy bass. They provide a truly dynamic and versatile sound and show their true colours with more bassy tunes.

The highs and mid ranges are also well catered for, offering clear and crisp sounds. For the low price tag, its actually quite surprising how well these headphones perform across all genres of music.


  • Design
  • Comfortable
  • Sound performance
  • Non-tangle cables


  • None


Build quality overall is impressive and you really get value for money.  Not only do these headphones look great, they feel super comfortable and most importantly of all, provide unbelievable sound quality all round.

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