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Essential read, or pure gadget need?

Sony PRS-T1 E-Reader

Rating: ★★★★☆

Its about the same size as a book…only thinner and yet each time I pick it up I’m holding thousands of books in my hand and that feels quite powerful.

Easy to switch on and operate, different text sizes makes some books more accessible and appeals to individuals who’d rather reader in a larger text.

The page is off white which means its easier to look at than a computer screen and although there is some challenge with glare in bright lights, you simply need to change the angle that you are holding it.

Being able to turn the page with a button or the touch of your finger means it appeals to more people and the change page rate is quick and does not detract from your reading speed.

Picking up and opening the book where you left off means you no longer need to turn down the top corner of a page or get frustrated when your book mark falls out.

In addition, you can read more thanone book at a time and every time you travel you have all of the books you’re reading with you to cose from depending on your mood.

Although easy to carry and operate, it is still an electronic gadget and therefore demands a little more care in your bag than carrying a paperback.

It can also be frustrating if the charge runs out when you don’t have your charger with you. However, for travelling on trains or abroad…its absolutly a must.


  • easy to operate
  • lots of extra features that books dont have
  • hold thousands of books at a time
  • loads of books available and easy to download


  • have to buy separatly mains charger
  • frustrating if charge runs out away from charger
  • some glare in bright lights
  • needs an extra element of care (over books)


Will it or should it replace books? Well no, nothing can quite take away the enjoyment of flicking through the pages of a book, the dank, musty smell and the dust are all irreplaceable, HOWEVER in today’s immediate response age of technology it should stand proudly next to real books and accompany everybody on days out, holidays, train and car journeys!!

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