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Essential Christmas kitchen tech guide

You’ve been shopping for presents since late September, the sprouts are stinking up your pantry, the turkey is well and truly ready for a good stuffing, you have a Santa hat on, a snowman-themed apron around your waist… and you’re all set.

But then you’ve just remembered, how will your kitchen cope with creating the meal of the year for 15 tipsy relatives and their screaming children. To help prevent such festive misery, here’s my guide to a few excellent cooking items that could help you out in the kitchen this Christmas.

Hotpoint OS897DIX built-in single multifunction oven

If you’re looking for a built-in double oven that can cope with Christmas, this will see you through the day, without any major headaches. It’s easy to clean both in and out, 70 litres of space ensures room for turkey and potatoes and “fast cooking” will cope with emergency orders. Two separate spaces mean room for cooking more than one thing at once and the removable divider turns the two ovens into one.

Zanussi ZCG661GWC 60cm white gas cooker

For a free standing oven this Zanussi will have you cooking on gas. If you prefer electric, the Zanussi ZCV661MWC 60cm electric cooker will do the job. Like the built-in Hotpoint above,
this has a large capacity (over 70 litres), so that’s perfect for a massive Christmas dinner. The oven is specially designed to cook several different dishes at once, meaning you can at least attempt to juggle the impossible without losing your rag and screaming Gordon Ramsay style.


Kenwood KMC560 fixed stand mixer

From pastries and cakes to brandy butter and home made Christmas puddings, there a lot that needs mixing at Christmas – as well as the cocktails. Now there are only so many hours any human other than Nigella Lawson can dedicate to standing around stirring a bowl without going absolutely insane. So this does everything you could ever want of a mixer, and crucially will not struggle with large quantities.


Kenwood FP264 food processor

Aside from having to deliver gifts to every single child on planet earth is there a bigger chore at Christmas than chopping all those vegetables? The stupid thing about the never ending carrot lopping is that it’s a pretty unnecessary job. A reasonably priced food processor like this Kenwood can take all the misery out of the whole process.

Caple WI3113 wine cabinet

The fridge is full of meat, veg, and all kinds of strange sauces, so where’s the vino going? Apart from down the neck of Uncle Nigel. If you have the room, chill your booze in one of these – it can take 19 bottles and cool them to perfection. Hic!

Proline MF7 Cupcake maker

If you’re looking to do something a bit different this Crimbo, why not get one of these and turn your usual Christmas cake into dozens of little ones. It’s so simple and clever, anyone can make great cakes, even after consuming their own weight in eggnog. Sweet.

Liebherr CBNES6256 Fridge Freezer

Bigger than many bathrooms, if you have more guests than a Boxing Day football fixture, this is the behemoth fridge freezer for you. It’s MASSIVE. By our calculations you can fit over eight turkeys in the fridge section alone. It has a capacity of 402 litres, an icemaker, water filter, vegetable “safes”, the works. It is so big Americans refer to it as a “food storage centre” as opposed to a “fridge freezer”. Dear. Santa. Want. One.

Proline DN7 Donut maker

Another great choice if you’re looking to break from tradition and do things a little bit differently this year. Instead of leaving Father Christmas a traditional mince pie, maybe make him a doughnut. Perhaps soak the thing in brandy butter if you’re feeling a bit unsure about it all.